Hike Grandeur Peak. status Grandeur Peak is located in Millcreek Canyon in the Wasatch Range near Salt Lake City, Utah. From the trailhead at the northern tip of Wasatch Boulevard, head north on the Bonneville Trail, which follows an old road, toward a junction with the Dragon Tail Trail. Grandeur Peak Global Advisors® is a micro to mid-cap global equities investment firm comprised of a highly seasoned and collaborative research team. The first mile or so has very little underbrush and no shade to speak of. The route follows the next major ridge to the immediate south of the standard west ridge described in the West Slopes route. The summit of Grandeur Peak offers a view of the Salt Lake Valley and a large portion of the Wasatch Front from Neff's Canyon on the south to Francis Peak on the north. Grandeur Peak (8,299 ft and pronounced like "grand-er") is the one of the high points in Millcreek Canyon, and offers fantastic views of the SLC Valley and into Parley's Canyon. Previous Reports. At the point where the trail finishes its last switchback and turns west toward Grandeur Peak you will see a more primitive trail departing on the right. Contacts Land Manager: USFS - … Ive also been rattled at by a rattlesnake at the top among the crags, so watch out for rattlesnakes!!! They are there! After leaving Church Fork the Grandeur Peak trail climbs steeply northward up the side of Mill Creek Ridge for 0.5 mile, and then turns west for a more gradual assent to the top of the ridge. Grandeur Peak West. Hike the West Face of Grandeur Peak. The trail eventually breaks from the ravine and makes its way to a ridge which it follows until it joins up with the main trail to Grandeur Peak. Hike Grandeur Peak. The peak is accessible via two main trails that start on different sides of the canyon, the Church Fork trail and the West Face trail. This is a steep trail to Grandeur Peak that never really lets up all the way to the top. The trail takes a direct route up the western face of the Wasatch Front. This trail is open for a great part of … Great Views. Grandeur Peak (8,299 ft and pronounced like "grand-er") is the one of the high points in Millcreek Canyon, and offers fantastic views of the SLC Valley and into Parley's Canyon. Both trails offer the same beautiful peak view of the Salt Lake Valley from Grandeur Peak overlooking I-80 and I-215. Jake Clements Contributor. Added by ... It’s hard to find a steeper trail in the area (that’s not a game trail), and the West Face is usually free of snow early in the season. about 4 years ago. While most routes to Grandeur Peak meander north from Mill Creek Canyon, this 5.2-miler climbs Grandeur’s steep and rugged west face. The Grandeur Peak Trail ends at the summit of Grandeur Peak. Pretty steep hike if you come from the west trail. Rate this Adventure 4.6 miles 3200 ft gain - Out-and-Back Trail Save Add Review Get Directions Add Photo. Grandeur Peak is also a perfect intro to Peak Bagging - the fairly short trail with a moderate elevation gain makes it one of the easier peaks to summit with little effort (compared to some of the other peaks in the area). Overview The Dragon's Tail Ridge is an alternative route up the west side of Grandeur Peak. Oct 30, 2020 Grandeur Peak West Trail Report; Grandeur Peak West (Lower Mill Creek Canyon) All Clear / Green; Dry - Mountain Bike Reporter Primary Activity; This report was generated from the a ridelog. 5.0.